Mission Stories

We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.

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Africa Mission

Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent. Africa is the future of the faith because of the tremendous growth that is occurring. It is extraordinary to see many people of God living in Africa rising up to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
The inspiring connections Unveiling Life has made in Africa, the prominent leaders they have come to know and the kindness they have shown us here in Canada is tremendous. We strive to support and build relationships to foster the hope of the soon coming King. 

Featured Story

Bulgaria Mission

Our goal as missionaries has always been to partner with nationals and help and support them in any way needed with discipleship, training, mentorship, etc. We decided from the beginning of our journey of faith that we were not there to build “our kingdom”, but God’s. Our philosophy has always been that nationals can reach their own people much better than we ever could. When we arrived so many years ago, We built close connections with both Bulgarians and Roma/Gypsies. We began to build strong relationships and deep friendships with them by doing life together. God formed such trust and love between certain ones of us over the years and we were all the better for it. We began to hear their heart on their vision and what God had put on their hearts. They had such a burden for their people and the great needs they saw in their communities daily. God had given them vision and ideas of how to meet the needs of the people…spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, financially, etc.

Featured Story

Brazil Mission

Connecting with others around the world is meaningful. Stepping into the lives of others, serving alongside them in their ministries, continuing their work, and creating accomplishments are factors of great mission work. Experiencing the love of the Father as we equip our missionaries with proven tools to express the Gospel across the cultures. Unveiling Life’s personal involvement and support is an inspiration to those they touch in various cities of Brazil. Our leaders love to share and bring the restoring love of Jesus and the foundation of hope to all who they come in contact with. 
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